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Housing The Geometric


Engine Room, Portview, Belfast


20/20 Exhibition

Aug 2016

Curated by Sarah McAvera

Installation: Metal, Wood, Foil, electrical, Plasterboard, Paint, Canvas

'I am interested in how the unorthodox can be staged. In how strategically positioned objects & forms communicate when placed within alternative settings. I deconstructed building imagery and reused the linear qualities, offsetting the familiarity of structure. By distorting the material framework I want to open up new spaces for things to enter. New voids, that play host to symbolism, 

and shape.

The idea of an intriguing form (either geometric or figurative) being housed within the interior of a built space is appealing. I want this to feel staged. I want the involved forms or figures to sit awkwardly within their alternative settings & weird interiors. Feeling suspended inside architecture of entrapment'.

Installation/ Practice Processes 

Installation / Processes